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The Landmark School Bangalore

SDGS college completes 56 years of glorious service for the cause of education. The journey has been eventful and SDGS has played a key role in providing quality education to the people of the region. Our alumnus all over the world and have created a mark for themselves. In commemoration of 54 years, the management is proud to present “SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL” which will create new parallels on the schooling history of Hindupur.


  • 1965 : Sri Kasu Brahmanda Reddy, The chief Minister of A.P, Laid foundation for SDGS college
  • 1982 : Collage Building Inaugurated by Sri.K.Roshiah, the Home Minister
  • 1985 : Sri Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, the Chief Minister of A.P, Inaugurated MBA programme.( 1st MBA college in the region of Rayalaseema)
  • 2012 : Sri K.Roshiah, Governor of Tamil Nadu, Sri N Raghuveera Reddy & Sri T.G.Venkatesh Inaugurated Hostel and laid the foundation stone for Indoor stadium
  • 2015 : Golden Jubilee Celebrations Inaugurated by Sri N.Balakrishna, MLA, Hindupur, laid foundation stone for School.
  • 2017-18 : First X class batch got 100% result
  • 2018-19 : our students attend international karate champion ship and won gold medal
  • 2019 : Got CBSE Affiliation.Affiliation Number:130501

We manage a resolute commitment to academic excellence and overall growth of our students. By offering the correct academic inputs and a successful evolving environment, we tend to make every child's journey delightful, informed and unforgettable from the first uncertain steps until the child grows up to complete his graduation. Our graduates thus become a scholastically comfortable and mature youngster ready to excel in the next level of education in the school of life.

Why choose Sree Vasawi Winners School?

The best advice we can offer you is to believe and follow your intuition. However, given below are the reasons why SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOLis known as the best CBSE School in Hindupur.

SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL is a centre of education where students learn to achieve all their educational goals and aspirations away from family. SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL persistently leads the list of top boarding schools in Hindupur but also the top CBSE schools in Andhra Pradesh.

Located in the centre of the town with well-connected transportation network, SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL aims to offer an opportunity of recognized higher education to the students. Considering the objectives of the trust, an inter college.

As the famous saying goes, Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world quoted by Nelson Mandela, the objective of SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL is to devote an intelligent and mature individual to the society. Our accomplished faculty of skilled teachers stand by the committed devotion towards their profession in ensuing of transforming students into responsible citizens. Being affiliated to CBSE – New Delhi, we crave to convey quality education by utilizing best availability of our infrastructure.

Through our philosophy, we invigorate an education system founded values that instills discipline, self-respect, and honesty. We ensure that the children develop with the sense of affection and attachment regardless of their community they come from.

We at SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL work towards inducing in children a development of passion towards learning. We encourage the students to question, which in turn enhances their innovative and creative thinking potential. Knowledge gives birth to enlightenment and uplifts a child’s moral fiber, also it will humble him from the – ‘know it all’ attitude. We are proud to consider ourselves in putting forth a step-based power of knowledge that discourages arrogance in behavior. We consider that knowledge, in turn, should contribute to overall progress of society and resonate goodwill.

Children are receptive, thus it is our responsibility to help them interpret the difference between the good and bad. While we prepare children to face the real world, we are also responsible to teach them to confess their mistakes and correct them.

Our mission is to create a school system that is built on sound fundamentals. The intent is to strive towards excellence by responding to changing needs and expectations of the digital global community. The focus is to design a curriculum that encompasses the brilliance of academics, skill training and values to enhance intellectual competence, dynamism, versatility and character.


  • TO provide the best of education in the formation year by blending culture with technology to deliver best Citizens to the world.


  • To achieve our vision we make use of our environment – State of the art infrastructure, Resources & experienced, Talented and committed Teachers to march on towards a better tomorrow of perfection. SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL is effectively providing a clean environment to the students who discover their natural talents and simultaneously accelerate their academic progress. The importance is on the true meaning of education which is said to be display of excellence in realistic individuals.

Our Aim

The aim of SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL is to empower students with the ability that would transform them into responsible citizens of our country in future, empowered by grounded moral and social values.

Our Infrastructure

While we talk of quality infrastructure, SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL holds the belief that students deserve nothing but the best. We have state-of-the art technology and equipment in order to aid students in their academic as well as extra-curricular pursuits.

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