Best CBSE schools near KR Puram

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Principal ’s Message

‘’Education is not learning of facts, but training of minds’’ - Albert Einstein

To educate the future generations at SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL, we believe in producing a school system that is founded on ethical principles. We endeavor to establish an environment that would empower our students with aspects of intellectual proficiency, dedication, personality, discipline, vigor and accomplishment. We believe in offering such experiences to your child that would instill an eager craving to evolve into a tool of social lift up and refinement, for thorough education, society can arrange its own methods and courses.

In the words of Aristotle, ‘Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. Distinction then is not an act, but a habit.’ The ideal achievement of our students in the board final exam approves the conviction in our breakthroughs in scholarly superiority. The development of a child’s character is the highest prioritized factor that involves broadening social, emotional capacities and inner dispositions founded on practical values to act in a specific manner as we attempt to create other capabilities —an appreciation of beauty, physical briskness and the higher intellectual realms of ingenuity, information knowledge, global consciousness and skills formed by cultural diversity.

Adding global perspective to our approach towards drawing up our children to become global citizens, Our students tend to carry out projects on various subject matters on a collective basis. SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL is a proud recipient of many noteworthy awards marked for academic excellence.

SREE VASAWI WINNERS SCHOOL remains a centre of diverse learning activities throughout the year with the purpose of conveying holistic education and inculcating high moral values that are necessary in making up of a responsible individual and mutual potential and in invigorating the coherence of our country afar knowledge and skills!

Best CBSE schools near KR Puram

Dr. Xyz


Secretary & Correspondent' s Message

The mutual faith among the teachers and the students has manifested in producing men and women of character. Great care has been taken to see that children enjoy a stress-free learning atmosphere and the entire focus is on children to train them as responsible and global citizens.

To augment the effective learning process besides academics, facilities such as language Lab, Mathematic Lab, Thinker’s forum, workshops on writing poetries, speeches and theatre in school, are regularly arranged. Children become disciplined. A programme – INSIGHT – held exclusively for students , guides them to choose the career of their choice when they move into the senior level of their study. Yoga, Sports such as Cricket, Badminton, Volley Ball etc., strengthen the mind and body of our children. Regular Spiritual addresses and meetings along with value based education elevate the spiritual aspect “Truth is one but paths are many”.

Our endeavour has always been to train our children towards human excellence through four pillars – “dedication, discipline, determination and devotion” combined with “easeful body, peaceful mind and a useful life” as taught by our teachers and are practiced in mind and spirit, making this school, a temple of learning.

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